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16 Kids Puzzles: Cute Animals

1.49 usd

Extended version with 16 animal puzzles for kids:This high-quality, educational puzzle game for kids will entertain your children, capturing their attention. While they are having a lot of fun playing, it will at the same time train their brain. Part of this is learning to match shapes, which enhances concentration, fine motor skills, visual perception, hand-eye coordination and logical thinking. Your kids will love the cute animals. The game contains classic jigsaw puzzle pieces, as well as animal shapes.
★ Cute animals: Kids' puzzle game with adorable cartoon-style animals★ Very entertaining and motivational in the long term★ 4 increasing difficulty levels (animal shapes, 4 puzzle pieces, 6 pieces, 9 pieces)★ High-resolution graphics★ Contains 3 wonderful children's melodies (can be muted)★ No ads
The colorful motifs include wide varieties of animals from funny raccoons in the woods to a farm scene with a sheep, a horse, a bunny, a dog and a cat. There are also animals in the savanna. Your child will learn that this is where elephants, hippos, ostriches and crocodiles live. In addition, there is an underwater puzzle with a dolphin, blowfish, sea turtle, squid, starfish and crab. Kids are transported to other lands and places by this puzzle game.
Another illustration shows that even a cat and a dog sometimes love each other. More cute animals are the baby panda, a lion with its cub, the cuddly little crocodile by the water and an adorable family of bears that are resting under a tree. The 2 bunnies that are meeting under flying hearts have butterflies in their stomachs. A pretty horse gallops happily over the meadow and a mama kangaroo goes to the watering hole carrying her child in her pouch. The puzzle package is rounded off by a puppy, a baby elephant, a tiger cub and a picture of a chick that peeks curiously out of a little cup.
This app will bring a lot of joy to your child. Time will stand still as your kids will be having so much fun learning while playing.